8 Reasons We Love Bamboo

You may have noticed we use bamboo in a lot of our Relax Baby products. Bamboo really is a wonder-fabric and is the perfect choice for creating comfort for your little one. That’s why you’ll find bamboo in our sleep suits, clothing, sheets, and blankets.

Here are 8 reasons we think you’ll love bamboo as much as we do…

  1. Bamboo is hypoallergenic. This is very important for babies, as they have such sensitive skin. Bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin and are gentler than most man-made fibres.
  2. Bamboo has naturally-occurring antimicrobial properties, which helps to keep germs at bay. It also means the fabric smells fresher for longer, compared to other natural fibres.
  3. It’s super soft. One of our top priorities in designing for Relax Baby is that our fabrics feel snuggly and luxurious against the skin. Bamboo is much softer to the touch than cotton, making it ideal for newborns and babies with delicate skin.
  4. Bamboo is breathable and thermo-regulating, meaning that it keeps little ones cool in summer and warms them up in winter. 
  5. It’s more absorbent than cotton, wicking moisture away from the skin. Bamboo can absorb up to three times more water than its weight!
  6. It’s easy to care for. Simply cold machine wash and air dry. Easy.
  7. It’s long lasting. Bamboo is a particularly strong fabric, making garments and products made from bamboo more durable. Dye also takes well to bamboo, so the colours last longer too.
  8. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, bamboo is sustainable and eco-friendly. Bamboo grows so fast that plantations replenish within one year from harvesting without any need for replanting. Bamboo requires no fertilisers and comparatively little water to grow, and it absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than either cotton or timber. Even better, it’s biodegradable, so eventually you can compost your Relax Baby bamboo products!

We think you’ll agree, bamboo is a remarkable fabric. In particular, we recommend choosing bamboo-based sleep suits for your baby’s ultimate comfort and relaxation. Our sleep suits feature 70% bamboo. You can view our range here.