Creating the ultimate relaxation zone for your baby

Few things beat the wonder of a newborn baby. Almost equally as exciting is preparing the nursery for the arrival of a newborn. There are so many furniture and bedding choices to be made that it is easy to understand why parents can go find it overwhelming in planning the ultimate bedroom for their baby.

 All people only want what’s best for their children, and some think that cramming as much into the nursery space is the ultimate, especially if they want to help stimulate their child’s brain from an early age. The opposite is exactly what the child needs.

It is essential that the area where the baby sleeps should be a calming and relaxing space. All Relax Baby Linen is designed from a place of love, with creating a peaceful and calm space in mind. A young baby will wake up for feeding during the night, but keeping the room a calming space will increase the likelihood of the baby falling asleep quicker. As the child grows, this calming space might help them sleep for longer periods.


Here are four easy steps to creating a relaxing sleep space for your baby:


  1. Create zones in the bedroom.
    Keep the sleeping area as neutral as possible, by not placing toys or mobiles in the cot or bassinette. Instead, create play areas in other zones in the room for example by hanging the mobile over the changing station where the baby will have more ‘awake’ moments. The baby will learn from early on which activity is meant for each zone.
  2. Imitate the womb by keeping the room darker and keeping noise down at sleep times and using a Muslin blanket. The use of a Muslin blanket is an ancient practice used to help babies feel more safe and secure. It also helps prevent the baby from being disturbed from her sleep by her own startling reflex. Link to Relax Baby swaddle cloths

  3. Babies need soft bedding, because rougher textures tend to disturb their sleep. Invest in quality bedding like the Relax Baby bamboo range. It is ecofriendly, made from quality bamboo and will feel soft and smooth against your baby’s skin.

  4. Use relaxing colours. Initially your baby will best see contrasting colours, and particularly black and white. Although your baby’s eyesight will be improving throughout the first two years of its life, a relaxing colour scheme in the nursery will create a relaxing atmosphere for her parents. Relaxed parents play an important role in keeping the baby relaxed.


At Relax Baby Linen we understand that from the time you are pregnant you start making memories for life. That is why we design from love. Contact us today to help design your babies room.