The Relax Baby-Blanket Guide

Baby Blankets

Whether you are doing your research to purchase a baby blanket or just need to understand what is available out there, you’re going to want to read through this. There are so many options, some blankets are for newborns, and other for toddlers and there are blankets for different seasons.

Some of you may be wondering, where do I even start? There are Muslin blankets, crib quilts, baby blankets, light quilts and thick quilts. What do I pick and how many does each baby need?  These may be questions you are asking yourself. Will you need to buy them all? – this can be confusing!

Lets start breaking it down, what is the weather like? What do you need the blanket for? How old is the baby you buy it for? What is the blanket going to be used for, and what will be the size and weight of the baby blanket? Then what prints, colours, and patterns to choose from. 

Enjoy the Relax Baby, baby blanket guide we trust that this will be valuable advice that helps you with your decisions and finding the perfect baby blanket for your baby or little one.

What is the right blanket to pick?

So lets start with our newborns, the type of blanket you choose really depends on the age of the child.  Also in what season will the baby or little one use it?  During colder months the thick quilts are perfect, while a lightly quilted baby blanket can be used in the spring and autumn months. Then an excellent choice for all year round is our baby blanket, used as an extra blanket on colder nights or just a comfort blanket for day time naps or tummy time on the floor. Easy to fold up and small enough to take with you when you leave the house, your little one’s first baby security blanket.

Blankets for Newborns

If you have heard the words “ muslin blankets “ or “swaddling”, you’re going to want to invest into one of our best-selling muslin blankets. Relax Baby’s luxuriously soft bamboo Muslin baby blanket is any mums dream. Constructed out of two layers of our signature bamboo blend materials, the Muslin blanket is gentle and delicate against your newborn’s skin. You can be assured that your baby will be swaddled in the most light-weight and breathable baby blanket there is.

Our muslin blankets are perfect for wrapping your baby in, throw over the stroller, as a breastfeeding cover or just a light comfort for hot summer days.

Newborns will also enjoy our baby blankets or quilts made with our unique blend of cotton and bean shaped velvet. The light or thick quilts are for newborns and infants during colder months. It is a perfect size for the cot and can still be used when they went over to a small bed and later on a single bed as a throw. There are a variety of designs to choose from: Rabbit, Flamingo, Leopard, Deer, Crocodile, Banana and much more. For the mums that are not so keen on pattens we do have our small crip quilts in soft baby colours like soft pink, light green and biscuit. This will be your baby’s security blanket to sleep with.

Blankets for Older Babies or Little Ones

After your baby has grown we recommend the 4 layer Relax Baby muslin blanket. It is an essential item that can be used during tummy time, rides in the car seat, and in the stroller. Our 4-Layer muslin baby blanket comes with different designs like Flying fish, Cheerful Birds, Scribble leaves and Grey Lilly.  These four-layer muslin blankets are made from our soft bamboo cotton blend and is lightweight and breathable and an essential within your home. You can use it outside during playtime or inside as a crib quilt – it can definitely become your child’s favourite baby security blanket.

Blankets for Winter time

Lastly, if you’ve been wondering what is the best option for baby blankets for winter, our thick quilted cotton and bean shaped velvet winter blanket is your best bet. It is great for those cold and chilly nights, our quilted baby blankets will ensure that your little one stays warm and cozy. Choose from a variety of our favourite unique designs such as Tropical, Unicorn, Leopard, banana and Flamingo, which also help with making up imaginary stories. This baby blanket is for winter can also be your child comforter or quilt for the perfectly created room.

Relax Baby quilts and blankets are designed from the heart and we want the best for every mum!