An Essential For Every New Mum in 2020

It’s a new year. It’s a new decade. If you’re expecting a little one this year, you might have heard every friend, uncle, aunt, and random strangers’ pregnancy stories and their views on what’s needed for your baby.

 Let’s wipe the slate clean and get rid of all the baby advice clutter. Relax Baby Linen believes in helping you create memories, so here’s one simple must-have that will make your life so much easier when welcoming your little bundle into the world:

 One-piece sleeping suit

Babies, especially premature and low-birth weight babies, can’t regulate to temperature changes as well as adults. Even babies who are born in the summer months can lose heat rapidly. A one piece-sleeping suit will give you peace of mind, knowing that even if your baby moves around a lot in their sleep, the one-piece sleeping suit will cover the entire body.

 The bamboo fibre and cotton mix make it breathable. The material is soft against the baby’s skin and won’t cause irritation or disturb their sleep. The durable four-layer muslin is extremely absorbent, machine washable and quick drying.

 On top of its beautiful design, the one-piece sleeping suit features a super practical two-way zipper that you can open from both the top and bottom. This, and the high-quality press studs, makes baby changing a breeze. It comes in handy if you have to do a quick nappy change without disturbing your baby.

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